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Newman student adapts to digital learning for transportation course

Hands-on learning might be a challenge with school closures, but St. John Henry Newman Catholic Secondary School student Nathan Spencer isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty to go the extra step.

When the grade 11 was tasked with relaying information on engine functions for his Transportation Technology class, Spencer decided to pop the hood of his 2005 Ford Explorer and talk through the parts via video.

“Students were asked to make a video, PowerPoint or Word document where they explored one or some of the topics covered in the week's lesson about engines, but without just giving a summary of information,” said teacher Danielle D'Amato.

Many students opted for the alternative version of the assignment using PowerPoint or Word, noted D’Amato.

“Nathan’s video was able to demonstrate his knowledge from the week's learning, but also went beyond, adding in more information and showing an application of the learning that is difficult to achieve outside of the auto shop.”

For a course designed to be as hands-on as possible, the submission had D'Amato impressed.

“Not only did he complete the requirements of the assignment, but he did so in the most hands-on manner possible while out of the classroom.

“He showed a strong commitment to learning from home.”