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Chaplaincy at St. John Henry Newman

My name is Chaplain Kim and I am so blessed to serve as the Chaplaincy Leader at St. John Henry Newman.

My office is located just off the forum and is a safe, warm, and welcoming space for all. Whether you need a friendly, listening ear, some information about school services, or just want a place to hang out, my door is always open. Please drop by anytime. I love visitors and look forward to getting to know every one of you.

Now that you know who I am and where I am located, you probably want to know what I do. As the Chaplaincy Leader I am responsible for coordinating prayer and worship in our community, serving as a bridge between the school and our local parishes and families, and providing opportunities to receive the sacraments such as the Eucharist, and Reconciliation during Advent and Lent. I also organize visits to our school Chapel.

I work to promote the principles of Catholic Social Teaching through my everyday interactions, but also through the promotion of events such as the annual Pilgrimage: Walk with Christ, our Adopt a Family campaign, and our Social Justice fundraiser, Superfast. These are opportunities to serve those in our community and in our world who are in need, affirming the principle of the dignity of each and every human person.

As Chaplaincy Leader, I also facilitate our Grade 12 retreat program. During your Grade 12 year, you will attend a retreat with your religion class. This is an opportunity to prayerfully consider the many challenges you face at this important junction in your lives - the junction between high school and the next stage on your journey.

Finally, I am called upon as a resource of spirituality, comfort, and guidance in times of crisis and grief.

Friends, as our school patron, St. John Henry Newman prayed, "Dear Lord, shine through me, and be so in me that every soul I come in contact with may feel Your presence in my soul." Let us work together to build up the St. John Henry Newman community by being beacons of love, hope, and faith to all of those around us, so that those who we encounter will see God in us and know Him.

God bless all of you, and remember, if you're ever in the forum, please drop in and say hello!


Co-ordination and Leadership
The activities, programs and services offered through Chaplaincy department are many and varied. To ensure a school’s Pastoral Plan is realized, the Chaplaincy Leader works with and co-ordinates the efforts of students, colleagues and the clergy

Bridge Building
The school community is a rich mosaic of people with different capabilities, needs and motivation within varied cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The Chaplaincy Leader has the unique role of “bridge builder” within the school communities mosaic which includes a working relationship with our local parishes, home and school.

All people are called to prayer, but the Chaplaincy Leader has the leadership role in initiating prayer and in assisting other to pray through daily prayer, meetings and gatherings, modelling, and prayer resource. Presently every student in grade 9, 10 & 12 students participates in at least one special prayer service in the chapel through religion program

The Chaplaincy Leader is responsible for preparing and co-ordinating liturgies for the school. Eucharistic liturgies are held school wide in the gymnasium while liturgies with small numbers are held in the chapel. Presently every student in grade 11 will have the opportunity to experience an Eucharistic liturgy in the chapel at least a year through the religion program

The Chaplaincy Leader has responsibilities with regard to the sacraments especially the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Priest from our local parishes assist us by providing the sacrament of reconciliation at least twice a semester in small groups and through appointments.

Crisis Response
The Chaplaincy Leader is called upon as a resource of spirituality, comfort and guidance in times of crisis and grief.

Justice and Peace
In affirming the dignity of the human person, Catholic Social Teaching calls us to challenge all that prevents the sacred fulfillment of humanity. One of the mission of the Chaplaincy program at Cardinal Newman is to promote peace through justice, so that an authentic expression of love can blossom. Our annual Pilgrimage: Walk with Christ, Adopt-a-Family and Food Drives, volunteering at the Good Shepherd are just some of the Justice and Peace activities that occur at Cardinal Newman

Designing and coordinating a retreat program to enhance the spiritual life of the school community is an important part of the Chaplaincy Leader’s role. Retreats are offered annually to our grade 12 students through their religion program. It is an opportunity for them to prayerfully consider the many challenges they face, at this important junction in their lives. Grade 12 retreats are an integral part of the school curriculum and all students are expected to participate in them.