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School Prayer
School Prayer

School Prayer

Heavenly Father, gathered here before you is our St. John Henry Newman
community. Bless us, enlighten us, and fill us with the Grace of the Holy
Spirit. Guide us to achieve excellence in academics, athletics, and cocurricular
activities. Enable us to learn and work to our fullest potential in
a spirit of integrity. Help our teachers to inspire us in education and
guide us in faith. Teach us to respect the dignity of one another and live
by the message taught to us by your Son. Let us grow in wisdom,
change in your image, and seek the Kingdom of God within our minds
and hearts so that we can build it in our world. Allow us to come
together as a school community in your service, as we strive to do your
will. We ask this in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, through the
intercession of your servant St. John Henry Newman. Amen.

Written by Indhu Rammohan (Graduate 2012)
St. John Henry Newman Athlete's Prayer

St. John Henry Newman Athlete's Prayer

Loving God,
We thank You for our gifts and talents.
Give us courage in the face of fear;
Give us strength when we feel weak;
Give us determination when the goal is near;
Give us hope when it looks bleak.
With all that You have given, let us do Your will.
St. John Henry Newman, Pray for us.

Written by Mr. A. Macaluso