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School Uniforms and Dress Code

A decision was made in 2001-02 to review the dress code that had been in existence since 1990-91. The policy regarding school uniforms and the relationship with the uniform supplier had been reviewed by a committee of students, teachers, parents, and administrators over the entire year. To that end, the Cardinal Newman dress code policy continues to ensure that every student wears a school uniform on campus and is in compliance with the policy before, during and after the instructional day.

The common dress code has a positive effect on school identity, unity and pride. The uniform serves to promote our image in the community. It enhances security in the school. It reduces peer pressure and cost in terms of school attire. If one is proud to attend Cardinal Newman, one should be proud to wear its uniform.

1. The school uniform is to be worn throughout every school day. It should be worn to and from school, during classes, spares and lunches, and on field trips. Co-op students may change immediately on arrival to or departure from school when different uniforms must be worn at their job placement. For field/class trips students must be in full uniform unless otherwise directed by the Vice-Principal.

2. Students not in uniform may be sent home and parents will be notified as soon as possible. Penalty work will be assigned and uniform repairs may be required. On the third uniform violation, parents will be notified by mail and the letter will inform the parents that upon the next violation, the student will be suspended from school for 3 days. Continued refusal to comply with the policy will result in escalating consequences. In emergency situations, students may be admitted with the provision of a note from the parent or guardian, at the discretion of the administration. Alternate clothes must reflect the spirit of the dress code as closely as possible. Forgetfulness, appointments, failure to wash or launder, do not constitute emergency situations. Students will not be allowed into classes wearing jeans or sandals. Under no circumstances will jeans or shirts with graphics or non-uniform shorts or sandals be allowed to be worn on school property. When you are in the building, you are expected to be in uniform at all times.

3. The school uniform should be worn in the proper manner to preserve its integrity. It is to be kept clean and worn neatly. Oxford cloth shirts and blouses are to be worn tucked in and buttoned up. All other uniform tops may be worn untucked. Visible non-uniform items (eg. dark t-shirts with graphics) may not be worn under the school shirts. If one requires a shirt beneath the shirt/blouse, it must be a plain white short sleeve or plain white long sleeve t-shirt or an all white short sleeve gym shirt (white collar trim) or a white or red C.N. turtleneck. Pants may not be ripped or frayed, and must be hemmed or cuffed and must be worn at the waist. No personalized modifications may be made to any uniform items, including writing, tears, zippers, or any other change as deemed inappropriate to the administration.

Accessories and adornments are not part of the original uniform. These include, but are not limited to, studded jewelry, scarves, athletic headbands, bandannas of any color (worn as a hairband or wrap), hats, baseball caps, chunky beads, keychains or long chains for wallets.

4. The wearing or display of any jewellery, adornment, piercing, etc. that, in the opinion of the administration, is not conducive to maintaining a safe and welcoming respectful Catholic school community, will not be allowed.

5. When in school, coats, jackets and headwear are to remain in lockers, and are not to be worn to classes, the cafeteria, the forum and in the halls. Gym bags and knapsacks are to be stored in lockers and not taken to class.

When in the building you are expected to be in full uniform. Team sweaters, sweatshirts or other Cardinal Newman team or club garments that are not part of the official uniform are not to be worn during the instructional day. However, members of the Student Council are allowed to wear student council uniform items in order to be identified by the student body.

6. From time to time, "civies days" will be designated on which students may wear less formal attire. Students will still be expected to dress neatly and with the decorum that befits a Catholic high school. Ripped jeans, short shorts, halter tops, muscle shirts, tank tops, shirts promoting unhealthy or negative lifestyles (eg. drugs, alcohol, smoking) or unacceptable graphics or language, etc. will not be allowed. Caps may not be worn in school.

7. Students are strongly advised to have their names affixed to all clothing articles.

8. Physical Education students have a specified uniform which includes proper footwear. These specific uniform items must be worn during phys-ed/gym class.

9. All items are interchangeable and can be worn year round. Only the kilt is exclusively for the girls. All items will have a C.N. crest embroidered on them by the supplier. All items must have a C.N. crest embroidered on them by the supplier.

10. Bombardieri Uniforms has been authorized as the official supplier of our school uniforms. All inquiries about uniform orders or problems should be made directly with the supplier.


Each year, the Principal may decide to allow for a series of Spirit Days. In 2022-23, students are encouraged to wear approved Newman Spirit or Team/Club tops each Friday along with their regular uniform bottoms (pants, shorts, kilt) to demonstrate their pride in being a Cardinal. Students choosing not to wear Spirit items should continue to dress in regular full uniform. Opportunities to purchase Spirit items will take place throughout the year.

Board Uniform Policy

The Board Uniform Policy states, “The Principal, in consultation with the Catholic School Council, shall develop a student dress code as part of the Code of Student Conduct.”

Board Uniform Policy