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Be the change you want to see and make bullying stop!

Welcome to BullyingCanada. Young people speaking out about bullying and victimization. Youth who know that one out of 4 kids are bullied, one out of 5 kids are the bully and that 282,000 high school kids are attacked each month nationally.

Youths who know that bullying isn't only physical, but emotional. Youths who know that bullying is deadly. Youths who want to help stop bullying. So Help. Listen and Speak Up!

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Stand Up 2 Bullying

Stand Up 2 Bullying

It happens every day in schools, malls, on the Internet and cell phones across Canada. Bullying. One in five Canadian youth report being bullied regularly. But you can help. When a friend steps in, bullying stops half the time in 10 seconds or less. It’s pretty simple. When you see bullying, don’t just stand by. Instead, stand up. Look here for some ways that you can be the one to help stop bullying.

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Bullying and Cyber-Bullying; What Can We Do?

The Full Circle Ladies speak with Anthony McLean about the issue of bully in our schools and online.
Anthony McLean
Youth Speaker, Anti-Bullying

Bullying: We can all stop it!

The effects of bullying go beyond the school yard. For you as a parent, here's what to watch for, what you can do, and where you can go to get help.
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