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Medical Package Information - Epi Pens and Inhalers

Medical Package Information - Epi Pens and Inhalers

If your son or daughter has a medical condition that requires an Epi Pen or an inhaler, please have them pick up a medical package in the Main Office as soon as possible. They need to carry either their Epi Pen or inhaler with them at all times and provide the Main Office with a spare in case of an emergency. It is extremely important that this matter is taken care of to ensure that the school can provide proper care if needed. We thank you in regards to this matter. Should you have any further questions please contact Mr. Rocco Valeri. Please visit for more information.

For your convenience, the anaphylaxis and asthma packages are available in .pdf format. See below.

Posting and Publishing of Personal Information

During the school year, students will be involved in a wide variety of events and activities consistent with the purpose of educating students. For such events and activities, the school may receive requests for personal information such as the names(s) of parent/guardian, address, telephone numbers, from either the local parish, Catholic School Council, etc. Also during the school year, it is the normal practice to publicize many of the positive things that occur at the school. This would include such things as displaying student’s work in the classroom or school hallways, or may be shared with the public through science fairs, art projects, bulletin board displays, school newsletters, the school Web site, the Board’s administration offices, and board newsletters. From time to time, the press may come to the school and take photos of children and write articles about their achievements, graduation or special events. The information gathered is used as part of the school’s communication plan in an effort to share newsworthy events that occur at the school.

If you have any objections to the sharing of your child’s personal information please complete, sign the attached form and return to the school principal.

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