Chaplain -Kim Pastrak

Chaplaincy Services

The role of the High School Chaplaincy Leader is to foster the faith, moral, ethical, and personal development of the school community; staff and students. The Chaplain’s office is to nurture the spiritual development of the school community within Christ, as well as, supports and respects all other faith denominations within the school community. The aspirations through the formal and informal activities lead by the Chaplaincy Leader, is to support and expand the spiritual, mental, and physical needs of the school community. Students and staff are continually invited to share their time and talents in various activities flowing from the Chaplain’s office; such as Outreach programs, Minister of the Holy Eucharist, Ministers of the Word, music ministers, prayer leaders, altar servers etc.

As a faith-based community, we share in Christ’ mission of living a sanctified life through our observance of God’s Commandments in our daily actions, Eucharistic celebrations, prayer services, retreat days and participation in the sacrament of Reconciliation.

Most of all, we are continuously working towards creating a Christ-centred Community that will build God’s Kingdom here at St. John Henry Newman CSS. In partnership with our surrounding parishes, we believe, that spiritual development is deeply rooted in the union between the school, parish, and home.

The Chaplain’s office is a place of confidentiality, safety, support, encouragement, fun, and development. All students are encouraged to meet and get involved with the inclusive programs that run out of the Chaplain’s Office.


SJB Chaplain - Sharon Boase
Sharon chaplain

The Chaplain works with administration and all staff to set the spiritual tone of our school, through prayer services and the Eucharist, Reconciliation, clergy visits, attending retreats and getting involved in social-justice projects.

It is my privilege to accompany students and staff as on their life journeys – in times of joy or sadness. I work to remind all Braves that it is our acts of love and compassion which make our Catholic school a holy place.

I welcome all who drop by in need of a supportive, confidential chat – or just to say hi.

May God continue to bless us!